Cleveland Limousine (Andover)

Scooter's by the Lake

6669 State Route 85
Located in the Andover area and reachable by telephone at 440.293.5551, Scooter's by the Lake is one of the most charming places that a Cleveland Limousine customer could ever choose to hang out around here. This is a friendly and smart lunch stop that features great bar food and barbecue favorites. They have really great food at excellent prices, helping you to save money while you feed your large and hungry Cleveland Limousine groups. The location right on the lake is a major plus and they have an outdoor seating area that will really allow you to take full advantage of the beautiful weather. Thursday night is wing night and that's definitely the prime time to be there, if you ask us. Sometimes the wait can be long because everyone in the place is ordering wings at the same time, but they are well worth the wait and always served piping hot! Too perfect!

The Galley

71 N Chestnut St
Located in the Jefferson and Andover area and reachable by telephone at 440.576.0427, The Galley is a hometown type of place where you can get great service and some of the cheapest and strongest drinks around. Those are always a high priority when it comes to Cleveland Limousine travel with a large group, so this is definitely a great choice for your travels in and around Andover. They have recently remodeled the place, so if you haven't been out and about to see the new additions, this just might be a great time to do so, during your Cleveland Limousine trip. Everybody in the area will tell you that this is the bar to visit in and around Andover, with a great vibe and even excellent DJ music. They accept credit cards and they're always happy to welcome new faces to their cozy den of locals and regulars. A top choice for Cleveland Limousine customers!

Wild Side Bar & Grill

71 N Chestnut St
Located in the Jefferson and Andover area and reachable by telephone at 440.624.4200, Wild Side Bar & Grill is a popular choice among our Cleveland Limousine travelers who want a cheap bite to eat and some good strong drinks. They have all your classic bar fare favorites here including really delicious burgers, and the classic drinks are there alongside those burgers, nice and stiff just the way they should be, never ever watered down! You'll find that the service here is always good and just so friendly and welcoming. That's one of the things that makes it a top Cleveland Limousine recommendation, as we believe that the service makes the experience. Party bus and limousine groups always enjoy themselves here and we believe that you will too. Can't miss the convenient location on Chestnut Street, ideally located for your group travels in this area! Don't miss it.

Eddie's Grill

5377 Lake Rd E
Located in the Geneva and Andover area and reachable by telephone at 440.259.8075, Eddie's Grill is a great restaurant for our Cleveland Limousine travelers to visit when they need a hearty home cooked bite to eat. The prices are incredibly low here and the food is just delish. We are talking about old fashioned favorites like coney dogs and foot longs with chili and cheese, delicious fries, horseradish sausages, and of course fresh root beer to wash it all down. The cheeseburgers are also really delish and very highly recommended. It's hard to believe that an old fashioned place like this even exists anymore, but there it is, still going strong after all these years. The convenient location absolutely cannot be beat, found right there on the strip a.k.a. the center, on Lake Road in the Geneva/Andover vicinity. Can't go wrong with a great meal here!


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