Cleveland Limousine (Ashtabula)

Crow's Nest

1257 Harmon Rd
Located in the Ashtabula area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.9930, this is absolutely an institution as far as this city is concerned! This is the hangout for all the locals who know a good American restaurant and bar when they see one. This is the place where you can get the most delicious pizzas in town, and the one that we would recommend most highly to you is the veggie deluxe! Mm-mmm good! They have wonderful open face meatball sandwiches that are just ideal for lunch or dinner. The french fries and onion rings are both excellent. We're also huge fans of the french onion soup here. Just so fresh and flavorful, and some of the very best that we have ever tasted. Great steak salads too! We love the fact that this is a family owned and operated establishment, so you'll always know who's serving you and it always feels like home.

Bascule Bridge Grille

1006 Bridge St
Located in the Ashtabula area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.0301, this beautiful wine bar is a must-visit if you've got a little extra money to blow and you want to have an absolutely amazing time with your Cleveland Limousine group. This is a beautiful part of the Bascule and Bridge Street landscape, really adding something special to an already very special place. Pricey, indeed, but well worth every cent. The gourmet food and incredible wines that you will be enjoying here are practically priceless! They feature wonderful live music at times and beautiful background music at other times. There is in fact a full bar here, not just a wine bar, so you can drink whatever you like to your heart's content. Chatting it up with the chef and owner always proves to be a fun night. Try the stuffed veal with whipped potatoes. The signature duck is amazing!

Briquette's Smokehouse

1033 & 1035 Bridge St
Located in the Ashtabula area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.2273, Briquette's Smokehouse is the essential stop for the barbecue and craft brew lover that is traveling with Cleveland Limousine. They only have a few beers on tap here but they are very well chosen, and they've got a huge bottled selection to make up for that. The burgers and fries are absolutely delicious here but that's certainly not all that they have to offer. The buffalo chicken dip will blow your mind and we are huge fans of the 2- and 3-meat plates. The onion rings with cajun mayo will certainly tickle your fancy and we can never get enough of the potato salad and cole slaw here! The broccoli salad is also a very nice complement to a truly delish BBQ meal. Oh, and we've simply got to mention the amazing cornbread with jalapenos! Does it get any better than that?


6540 Lake Rd W
Located in the Ashtabula area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.5766, Alessandro's is the essential Italian restaurant as far as Cleveland Limousine partygoers are concerned. Not too expensive but just expensive enough to ensure quality, this is the place where you will dive into delicious vats of spaghetti al pomodoro, cheesy lasagna, and even perfectly prepared calzones. Their traditional caprese salads will provide the perfect starter to your meal, and they have very elegant desserts such as truffles to provide an equally perfect ending for you. The petto di pollo martini is also a miraculous creation. The dining area is a little small, so perhaps not best for larger Cleveland Limousine groups, but just fine for smaller ones. Be sure to call ahead and make sure that they can accommodate you at the time and day that you plan to visit. Great service!

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