Cleveland Limousine (Cherry Valley)

The Galley

71 N Chestnut St
Located in the Jefferson and Cherry Valley area and reachable by telephone at 440.576.0427, The Galley is one of the best restaurants and bars that you and your Cleveland Limousine group will ever find around here! Super friendly service and the kind of cheap stiff drinks that you will absolutely love. The new remodel in recent years has provided a whole new vibe that we think is worth checking out, and if it's your first visit, then it's new to you anyway! This is certainly one of the essential watering holes in the Cherry Valley area and all the locals love to come out and enjoy the live DJ music. It's super casual here and lots of fun, and they do accept credit cards, which makes paying for your Cleveland Limousine group just that much easier. One of our highest recommendations in and around the Cherry Valley area when you want to have a good time on the cheap!

Scooter's by the Lake

6669 State Route 85
Located in the Andover and Cherry Valley area and reachable by telephone at 440.293.5551, this is one of the most respectable little lunch places in this area and so smart for your Cleveland Limousine trips around here. The service is supremely friendly and they've really got some good food that is well worth your hard earned dollars, though you won't drop too many of those dollars here, as everything is so affordable. Wing night happens on Thursdays and Sundays only, and wings are unavailable on other nights, so those are the most recommended nights from us! They're always served piping hot and so delish, though there may be a bit of a wait since everyone is going crazy over them and ordering them at the very same time. Everything's good here from the burgers to the fries to the wings to the service! Nice and clean and smartly decorated too. Love it!

Woody's Grub & Pub

16 N Maple St
Located in the Orwell and Cherry Valley area and reachable by telephone at 440.437.1888, this is the place in the Cleveland Limousine service area that has been recently renovated due to a fire, and boy is it ever nice! We really dig the rustic vibe and the cheerful ambiance. The menu is large and plentiful so there is literally something for everyone in your Cleveland Limousine group. The service is absolutely ideal. You'll feel like you've stepped into one of the most charming pubs on earth, being treated to the very best service, and having access to so very many different types of food and drink. Everything's so fresh and flavorful. You cannot beat this perfect location just north of Main Street on North Maple. When you're out and about with Cleveland Limousine, this is such an easy stop and such a memorable one too. Clearly one of our very highest recommendations!

Creekside Inn

1938 US Rt 322
Located in the Orwell and Cherry Valley area and reachable by telephone at 440.437.5223, Creekside Inn is the perfect little dive bar located smack dab in the middle of Cleveland Limousine's Cherry Valley service area. This is a cozy and affordable place that captures that dive bar vibe just perfectly, giving you great food and service, tasty drinks at affordable prices, and of course plenty to do such as shooting pool, throwing a few darts, playing a few video games, or just chatting it up with the bartender or with your Cleveland Limousine group. The music's always good and the vibe surpasses even that. You cannot go wrong with a big juicy burger or cheeseburger here, and they've got some of the most delicious fries to go alongside that. Super service provided by one of the friendliest staffs on the face of the earth. You'll love it here!


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