Ohio Bounce Houses

Are you tired of your neighbor being way more popular than you? And it's all because of that pesky trampoline that he bought that has children and parents alike lined up around the block waiting for a turn on the trampoline (you live in a really boring town.) What about you, though? You undoubtedly have plenty to offer the citizens of your town. You have great anecdotes, and let's face it, your pigs-in-a-blanket are to die for. You're practically royalty when it comes to small talk and casual get-togethers and no one even knows, or seems to care! When it comes down to it, you have three options, One, you could pack up your family and things and skip town, find a new home, a new job, a new neighbor, a new town, and a new life. Two, you could accept the nature of your situation and bear the fact that your neighbor is just better than you. Or three, you could one-up your no-good neighbor. But how does one one-up a trampoline? How about making it bigger? How about making it inflatable? How about adding four walls and stupefying designs? How about renting a Bounce House?

First of all, you've got to create a budget. Bounce Houses are probably in, like, the top five coolest things in the world, so it's very easy to get carried away and want to buy the most remarkable one, and then you're left mortgaging your home and using the bounce house as your temporary home for an extended period of years, and while bounce houses are infinitely awesome, they are not intended to house a family in. You could maybe get by living in it on your own like a studio apartment, but even that is probably more trouble than its worth. The important thing is to recognize the difference between a residential bounce house and a commercial bounce house.

Commercial bounce houses are made with much thicker vinyl, and are therefore much more durable, but far more expensive. Residential bounce houses will be much less expensive, but you might have to put a limit on how frequently its used. Also, when renting a bounce house, make sure you have a company who carries insurance on it.

Second of all, learn about your bounce house. Renting a bounce house is easy, because you pay the provider for twelve hours of use, and then send it away at the end of the day, and any damages are not your problem anymore. But when renting a bounce house you are left in charge of the upkeep for it, and depending on what kind you buy, you may need to make repairs frequently. Know what kind of fabric your bounce houses uses. Is it made with woven oxford cloth or PVC tarpaulin? What kind of stitching does it use? What are weight and capacity constraints?

Finally, look into different features. Many bounce houses have different features such as tunnels, slides, and water features like water slides and slip and slides. All of which are guaranteed to make your neighbor reevaluate his life and perhaps even go to your door, begging for forgiveness and for entry into the party. At which point you can cackle in his face and pour your drink over his head, leaving him wet and weeping on your stoop as you rake in all of the adoration from the townsfolk. Great job!

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