Ohio Face Painters

Are you planning a Halloween event and feel like something's missing from your plans? You've got the Haunted House set up and filled with scary monsters and ghouls, you've got the candy baskets ready, the bobbing-for-apples station, the costume contest judges are all booked, and the pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest are bought. What could possibly be missing? We'll tell you! What Halloween event is complete without a face-painting station? Face painting stations are a great way for everyone at the event to be decorated in spooky, scary, or simply fun designs! By hiring a professional face painter you are guaranteed to have an event filled with happy, excited, and engaged attendees who will remember the experience for years to come.

When considering a face-painting event for your event, don't settle for your cousin who just bought a make-up kit and is pretty good at drawing--always go with the professional. A professional face painter has extensive training in not only the quality of their countless number of design choices, but also in the proper supplies to use, the safe and proper usage of those supplies, and are well-versed in the appropriate application techniques.

Face painters are a great addition to your Halloween event because not everyone shows up in a costume. Many young children show up with no costume on and can get frightened and feel vulnerable surrounded by the frightening decorations and terrifying tall people in wolf masks and dracula costumes. By applying a scary design to their own face, children feel much more comfortable at Halloween events because they feel like they fit in, and what kind of spooky skeleton is scared of other monsters? No spooky skeletons, that's who! If a full-face design doesn't interest the guest, though, then no problem! A jack-o-lantern or witch cheek painting could be just the trick. Face painters are versatile, and most importantly, they are creatively inclined. Any idea that one might have for a design, face painters will have no problem bringing that idea to life, within reason.

Professional face painters can paint a full face design in about five to ten minutes, dependin gon complexity and special requests, whereas the simple cheek designs take much shorter, only about a minute or two. This equates to the professional face painter being able to paint anywhere from ten to twenty faces per hour. Depending on the size of your event, this could be completely adequate, and for larger events, hiring two professional face painters would be an ample amount.

To hire a professional face painter, do an internet search or look through phone books for face painting services in your local area. Check their references and see if their website has pictures of their previous work or testimonials. If their work checks out, get their fee and see if there are any extra fees involved. Make sure you put together a contract so your expectations are made clear.

Finally, have fun! Face painters are a remarkably fun, inclusive, and creative way to spice up a holiday party, or indeed any event for people of all ages!

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