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Have you been shafted by a magician recently? We've all been there. We've hired a magician through an agency--sure they weren't that expensive, but who could have expected the travesty that we got? The magician showed up, wasn't presented professionally, performed only card tricks, and left after only a sixteen minute set! What a con! But don't be discouraged from hiring a magician again. Hiring a magician for your party event can be a great way to engage and entertain the audience in a central, awe-inspiring activity. With the following tips and tricks, you will be more equipped in finding the right magician for your event, and you'll never have to worry about getting fleeced on a good magician again.

First, identify what your interests and needs are for the magician. If you're looking for a larger, grander show where the magician will perform in front of the whole audience, whether the crowd is small or large, such as in front of a party, a theatre, and schools. The larger the crowd then the tricks and presentation will both be larger as a result. Alternatively you could be looking for more close-up tricks like card tricks, coins, and various other tricks ideal for house events, banquet halls, company picnics, and so on. The ages of your guests should be considered as well. You should not get mind readers for a child's event, and alternatively you should not get magicians who only do childish tricks for a corporate event.

Once you know what your needs are and what kinds of performance you want to have presented, you can start looking for a magician to book. First, set yourself a budget. This way you can know what to filter out. It's important to know how high you're willing to pay, but it's actually more important to set a bottom dollar. Do not be fooled by the lowest-priced "magicians." There are no certifications for being a magician, so any Tom, Dick, or Harry can go out and buy a deck of cards and rabbit, so you need to be diligent in your filtering out of the faux-magicians. A good way to be able to do this is by detecting how much details they give you or are requesting from you. A low-grade magician or entertainment service will ask very little of you, and will not have a lot of details about the magician's tricks. A good, experienced magician however will ask you about the audience and event, tell you what they specialize in, and will tell you what they can best offer you to suit your needs.

Look on the internet for the magician's website and check their testimonials. Look for their references and follow up with them. A great way to preview a magician before an event is by seeing if they have any videos of their performances on their website. This can sometimes be make-or-break when deciding on whether or not to hire a particular magician--and what better way to do it than to witness their performance for yourself?

With these tips you will hopefully have a better experience with a magician this time around, and you will see how great a magician can be for any party or event.

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