Ohio Party Venues

Picking the right venue to host your party is paramount in planning the perfect party. You can't even begin planning the party unless you know the space that you're going to use, because what would be the point? You wouldn't know if any of the plans you'd make would be able to translate to whatever venue you choose, and your wants and needs can and will change depending on what venue type and location you choose. The following list will give you a great reference of things to think about when deliberating over what venue to choose based on your party type, your needs, and your wants for the party. And with luck, you will be able to throw a party that will keep your audience thoroughly entertained, the experience sticking with them for years to come.

The location of your event is essential when planning your party. Based upon your guest list, you are going to want to hold the event where it won't be too much of a hassle for your guests to commute to. If you are planning a corporate event, renting out a space that is not far from your work place is not a bad idea, since it is a location that all of your co-workers are clearly near enough to be able to commute to every day. You also want to take into account how easy the venue is to find. Say, for example, if you throw the event in your cousin's backyard, which is amply sized, has all of the requirements you need, and is simply perfect for your event, however, to get to it one must travel down a confusing, winding back roads with minimal signage and diverging paths. This kind of confusion can frustrate your guests before they even arrive and make the entire event sour for them. If you do choose a venue that's down the beaten path, make sure to invest in posting signs so there is minimal thinking involved in finding the venue.

The size and layout are also quintessential in maximizing the comfort and sociability of your event. For your purposes, you don't want a space that's too small, because then your guests will feel cramped and uncomfortable. They won't be able to let loose and really break into conversations with other guests or participate in activities. However, if your venue is too large for your needs, then you run the risk of the guests being too spread out, and the party feeling disjointed because of this. You also want to be sure to visualize what the layout of your event will be. Will you have a dance floor? What about a bar? How will the food be served--buffet style or with servers?

Speaking of food, how will dinner and refreshments be handled? Will you be ordering catering or will you be looking for a space that provides food? Many banquet halls provide food for their banquets, but not all of them do so this is a crucial question to ask. If you plan on getting the event catered, some banquet halls have extensive policies regarding catering, so this is important to look into. Restaurant banquet rooms are also good options if you are looking to get in-house foot served. If you host the event at a park or at a residence, you are obviously on your own as far as food goes, so catering or a potluck-style menu could be great options for your purposes.

Finally, be sure to communicate. We often forget about this step--not just in our party-planning, but in our everyday lives as well. It is important to frequently communicate with the people in charge of booking the venue, the other members in the party-planning committee, and probably most importantly, the guests. Send out a notification of the event well in advance and make sure your date, time, and location are all well known. Let guests know of any potential fees, what they should bring, what to expect from the event, and what kind of clothes they should wear--Formal, business casual, or spring casual, fall casual, et al.

By following these tips, you should have no problem getting started on where to host your event. Good luck in your venue search!

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