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Happy Dog

5801 Detroit Ave
Located in the Detroit-Shoreway area and reachable by telephone at 216.651.9474, this is a really happy place for a Cleveland Limousine group to hang out and reminisce about the good old days. You can enjoy some live music while you nosh on delicious hot dogs and sip good stiff drinks from the bar. Your mind will be absolutely blown at the low prices that they have here. That alone is reason to return time and time again! We love our dogs with baked beans, bacon, and onions. Can't imagine better toppings than that. The tater tots with aioli and ketchup are also wonderful, and that's just the tip of the iceberg here. Good times with good friends is the statement that sums this one up best! Stellar spot that is very highly recommended to you!


2058 E 4th St
Located in the Gateway District and reachable by telephone at 216.621.5652, Lola is an American wine bar that has gotten plenty of love from our Cleveland Limousine customers in recent years. They're known for some pretty amazing items here, including beef cheek pierogies with wild mushrooms that are absolutely to die for! We're also big fans of the hanger steak with pickle demi. The crudo is very nice and we're also really in love with the oysters with mignonette. It's absolutely beautiful here and you'll certainly enjoy your surroundings whether you're indoors or out. For dessert you'll certainly want to opt for the sesame ganache or perhaps the black forest cake! The best nights to come in are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Market Avenue Wine Bar

2521 Market Avenue
Located in the Ohio City area and reachable by telephone at 216.696.9463, this wine bar and tapas restaurant is an absolutely exquisite choice for our Cleveland Limousine customers in this area. The ambiance is just gorgeous with tall windows, beautiful curtains, and high ceilings, not to mention the beautiful bar where you'll just love to sit and chat with your friends or with the bartender. There are a lot of things we're in love with here, including the baked brie with baguette and fruit. Their cold smoked trout fillet is really divine, and the mozzarella caprese salad is one of the most perfect starters you could ever choose. It's quiet and elegant here with beautiful background music, and the very best nights to come in are Thu, Fri, Sat!


900 Literary Rd
Located in the Tremont area and reachable by telephone at 216.771.5652, this chic spot simply must not be overlooked when you're traveling in the Cleveland area with Cleveland Limousine. Not only is this a great place to sip some truly amazing cocktails, but it's one of the best known places for truly gourmet meals that will really knock your socks off. The fried Brussels sprouts with anchovies are one of our top choices on the menu and we're really big fans of the roasted beef marrow and fried gizzards over polenta. Happy hour will truly blow your mind, letting you get your hands on their famous Michael Symon burger for only five bucks! Unbelievable. They are known for their buccatini, pork chop, and mussles too. Trendy and classy!

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