Cleveland Limousine (Cleveland Heights)

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1852 Coventry Rd
Located in the Cleveland Heights area and reachable by telephone at 216.397.8380, this is your place if you're on the road with Cleveland Limousine and seeking a great pub vibe and some of the best chicken wings in town! Watching TV here is always fun, whether it's a sporting event or the season finale to a popular reality show. You'll love noshing on the yummy appetizers and sucking down the stiff drinks. The Hanson burger is a real highlight and we love the delicious fries alongside it (Phred's preferred pfries, that is). There's free popcorn to get you craving some good beer to wash it down, and boy do they ever have a great selection of that! Dinner and late night are the best times to come in, and best nights are Mon, Tue, Thur!

The Rib Cage

2214 Lee Rd
Located in the Cleveland Heights area and reachable by telephone at 216.321.7427, you know that any place called The Rib Cage is going to be a barbecue haven, and it truly is for our Cleveland Limousine customers around here! The laid back and casual atmosphere really can't be beat and this is a smart spot to watch the game while you dig into some St Louis spare ribs with Carolina mustard vinegar! The fried green tomatoes are amazing here, drizzled in delicious sauce. The herbed buffalo wings are a particular favorite of ours and we also adore the brisket and the ribs of course! The ribs have got to be good at a place with a name like that! TVs, free wi-fi, full bar, happy hour pricing, space for groups... what more can we say? A real winner!

Brennan's Colony

2299 Lee Rd
Located in the Cleveland Heights area and reachable by telephone at 216.371.1010, Brennan's Colony is an American pub where we really think you and your Cleveland Limousine group will feel right at home. The vibe here is classy yet comfortable and they've got a really lovely bar. The entrees are the star of the show here but we also love the appetizers and the sandwiches. The perch sandwich is one of the best, if you ask us, and we're also huge fans of their meatloaf! The buffalo chicken comes highly recommended and you cannot go wrong with a simple burger and fries. There's outdoor seating for the warmer seasons and though there aren't happy hour prices here, the everyday prices are more than good enough.


1854 Coventry Rd
Located in the Cleveland Heights area and reachable by telephone at 216.932.3060, this tapas bar can be a bit pricey but we're here to tell you that it's worth every single dollar that you'll pay! Your Cleveland Limousine partygoers will just fall in love with it here, as we have! The quail stuffed with prosciutto and gruyere is always a great bet and we are absolutely hooked on their lobster macaroni and cheese and the lobster nachos. The tuna tartare with mango and avocado is also an ideal choice. We love the fact that they are open until 2:30am every single night, making this a prime late night destination for our Cleveland Limousine customers in Cleveland Heights! Great trendy atmosphere, a full bar at your fingertips, and a dressy vibe. Enough said!


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