Cleveland Limousine (Colebrook)

Cornerstone Brewing Co

70 W Main St
Located in the Madison and Colebrook area and reachable by telephone at 440.983.4520, Cornerstone Brewing Co is such an awesome little brewery that Cleveland Limousine customers just love to hang out at. They have a very interesting and unique menu that will certainly tantalize your tastebuds much better than the same ol', same ol' that you are used to. The ambiance is quite beautiful here, with an upscale bar and restaurant vibe that you will just love. They have a huge array of craft beers here, as the name suggests. We're big fans of the Erie Blue and would very highly recommend that to you. The Love Potion is also a delicious one, and the Angry Gorilla is great as well! Try the Tuscan chicken eggrolls and the turkey salad. They're not open too late here, just til 9 most nights, til 10 Fri-Sat, and til 8 on Sun. Plenty of room for groups!

The Chophouse

9519 East Market St
Located in the Warren and Colebrook area and reachable by telephone at 330.856.2121, The Chophouse is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that provides an upscale and enjoyable dining experience for our Cleveland Limousine customers. We're in love with their crispy calamari frutti and the marinated hot peppers in oil are just too delectable. The house made chips are another thing that we can never resist, and how about those stuffed banana peppers? Oh, my! Seafood lovers will go wild over the cod francaise, the ahi tuna, and the pan-roasted salmon. Steak fans can't go wrong with the blue cheese crusted sirloin filet. The burger menu is kept simple here, with just four choices: The Burger, The Cheeseburger, The Black & Blue Burger, and a bonus, the French Dip. Not just amazing food here but noteworthy service and incredible atmosphere.

Up a Creek

4793 E Market St
Located in the Warren and Colebrook area and reachable by telephone at 330.856.5135, Up a Creek is a Cleveland Limousine favorite where you can really relax and let your hair down! It's a loud place with a lively ambiance, with the bar being located right there in the restaurant itself. The live bands add even more volume to the space and the music is always so good. Their wings are known as Louisiana Lickers and they are absolutely delish! We love the spicy garlic flavor. You'll be singing their praises for days. They serve lamb on Saturdays only and that's really a prime time to come out, or any day at happy hour to save some dough and enjoy some good stiff drinks and appetizers. There are nice flat screens here for those who want to watch the game on TV. Certainly one of the coolest places to chill out and enjoy a good time with your Cleveland Limousine friends!

Mary Yoder's Amish Kitchen Bakery & Gifts

14743 N State Ave
Located in the Middlefield and Colebrook area and reachable by telephone at 440.632.1939, this is a very unique place where you and your Cleveland Limousine buddies can chill out and have some really great American fare. The vibe is pure small town family restaurant, which is very fitting because that in fact is what it is! We love the biscuits and gravy here, so old fashioned and just amazing tasting! The salad bar is a great option, really piled high with all the fresh items that you'd expect. If you're there for breakfast, it's a breakfast buffet to die for! Oh, it's so tasty and good! The only real downside to this place is that they don't serve alcohol, but it's not the kind of place where you'd expect them to. Touristy and cool, definitely worth a visit when you're with Cleveland Limousine! Do not miss this down home favorite in the Colebrook area!


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