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Rainbow Cafe

263 Main St
Located in the Conneaut area and reachable by telephone at 440.593.2504, Rainbow Cafe is a great little small town place where you can enjoy some delicious pizza in the Cleveland Limousine service area with all your friends. The vibe is old fashioned and quaint, definitely something charming and different from the everyday modern restaurants and bars that you are used to. The staff here is always very friendly and they really make our passengers feel right at home. You simply will not believe the low prices here, especially considering the hearty prices and the filling options. The oven-baked hoagies are a must-have and we absolutely love their Italian wedding soup! Of course the pizza and stromboli are the most popular choices here, and they are in fact heavenly. Great beer selection and even a full bar, plus TVs for the sports fans. Love it!

White Turkey Drive-In

388 E Main Rd
Located in the Conneaut area and reachable by telephone at 440.593.2209, White Turkey Drive-In is a Cleveland Limousine classic and we wouldn't even dream of leaving it off our list of recommendations! The outdoor seating is just wonderful and we think it's a great way to spend a summer lunch when you're out and about with your limousine buddies. The turkey sandwich with cheese and bacon just might be the signature item here and we absolutely love it. The root beer is very tasty and is a must-have along with whatever sandwich or burger or other item you choose! And why not make it a root beer float or a black cow? You'll feel like a kid again! Definitely a very cool and uplifting spot to stop in and enjoy yourself. Try the Large Marge sandwich if you're extra hungry and if you're a seafood lover, do not skip the cod sandwich! Mm-mmm good!

Poco Bandito

257 E Main Rd
Located in the Conneaut area and reachable by telephone at 440.599.1100, Poco Bandito is the place to be when it comes to great Mexican fare in this part of the Cleveland Limousine service area! Many of our limousine-traveling passengers choose this place and we can't blame them. Good prices, good service, good food. The super quaint ambiance is perhaps the biggest draw here. Truly small town and just so cute. They are open until 9 every single night, so no guesswork there. Not a ton of space, so perhaps best for smaller Cleveland Limousine groups or takeout to enjoy in the limo. Most recommended items according to our staff? We'd have to say the burritos are excellent and so are the vegetable fajitas. The fact that they have a full bar here is a huge bonus, and they even accept credit cards! Outdoor seating too. And televisions! What a winner.

Pizzi Cafe

709 Harbor St
Located in the Conneaut area and reachable by telephone at 440.599.8666, Pizzi Cafe is a beloved pizzeria and Italian restaurant for all of our Cleveland Limousine customers in this vicinity. The bar area is super comfortable and the overall vibe of this space is just so cozy and cool. We'd highly recommend a simple cheese pizza or perhaps a nice sausage and green pepper, or for the vegetarians out there, onion and green pepper! Mmm. Or pineapple! Oh, we just love all their toppings. The cheese is too perfect and the sauce is just the right flavor, not too sweet and not too tart. This is not a huge place so you'll want to call ahead to make sure that they can accommodate your limo group, or simply order a pizza to enjoy inside the limo with your partygoing friends. Nothing wrong with that! Clearly one of the very best in the Cleveland Limousine service area!


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