Cleveland Limousine (Cuyahoga Falls)

Boulevard Tavern

435 Chestnut Blvd
Located in the Cuyahoga Falls area and reachable by telephone at 330.928.8596, Boulevard Tavern gets a lot of recommendations from the Cleveland Limousine crew to our customers, and that's because it's so clean and friendly with such nice service. They've got some really unique items for you to choose from, including our favorite, the Moroccan cigars appetizer! Seafood lovers will definitely go crazy for the perch. Wing night is Tuesday and you won't believe the prices! The pita with hummus makes a nice starter here as well. The long bar is beautiful and the bartenders definitely know how to mix up a mean drink for you. There are televisions for the game and even a cozy outdoor patio to enjoy when the weather is warm!

Moe's Restaurant

2385 Front St
Located in the Cuyahoga Falls area and reachable by telephone at 330.928.6600, Moe's has always been a favorite of Cleveland Limousine's and we think you'll feel the same way when you visit it with us. It's a little pricier than some other places in this vicinity, but it's very much worth it and you definitely get what you pay for. You'll enjoy sitting on either the bar or restaurant side, and you'll love everything that they serve. The beef tenderloin is one of our favorite options for dinner and we love a wedge salad alongside that. They've got a nice array of wines to choose from and of course a full bar at your fingertips as well. There are in fact televisions here for the sports lovers and there's more then enough room for limo groups to really spread out and get comfy.

Cashmere Cricket

2235 Front St
Located in the Cuyahoga Falls area and reachable by telephone at 330.928.8200, this American bar is very nice, with the bar area toward the front and the dining area toward the back. They've got one of the friendliest staffs that we've ever had the pleasure of meeting and they have always treated our customers with the utmost respect and courtesy. The wedge salads are very good here and the tomato bruschetta is a particular favorite of ours. The pizza is also just wonderful! We highly recommend the martinis, especially the cosmos, can't go wrong with one of those! While this place used to be cash only, they now accept the plastic, so credit card holders rejoice! The happy hour prices are excellent and there are TVs for the game too.

The Office Bistro Lounge

1846 Front St
Located in the Cuyahoga Falls area and reachable by telephone at 330.376.9550, this is one of those places where you can rightfully claim you're "at The Office" and you won't be telling a lie! Sitting at the bar for a drink or two with your Cleveland Limousine buddies is an absolute blast, and sitting down to dinner is even better! They've got a lot of nice appetizers to choose from here, including the crab dip, which is our fave. The stuffed peppers are a nice choice too and we cannot get enough of their sesame encrusted ahi tuna. The calamari is also delicious and we'd recommend the smoked mozzarella sticks and the fresh baked pretzels equally! There are TVs for sports and free wi-fi too. Best nights are Wed, Fri, Sat!

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