Cleveland Limousine (Denmark)

Crow's Nest

1257 Harmon Rd
Located in the Denmark area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.9930, Crow's Nest is an essential stop for any Cleveland Limousine customer who wants a delicious traditional American meal in a cozy bar and restaurant atmosphere. Well known for their pizzas, especially the veggie deluxe which we love, this is just an awesome place to fill up and also get your fill of tantalizing drinks from the full bar. You'll also certainly want to try the french onion soup, some of the absolute best that we have ever tasted! And the delicious french fries and onion rings are a definite highlight here. Nice when you can say that about the sides. The nautical decor here is cute and kitschy and something that our Cleveland Limousine customers can definitely appreciate. Plenty of space here and some of the friendliest service you'll ever receive. Great for families as well!

Coffee Creek Estate Restaurant

1591 State Rte 45
Located in the Denmark area and reachable by telephone at 440.275.5039, if you're already visiting Coffee Creek Estate, you might as well have your lunch or dinner right there in their beautiful restaurant! This is a classic for our Cleveland Limousine customers and it is well known for their holiday brunches. We're particularly big fans of their Mother's Day spread and the Valentine's Day dinner is really a special one for our cozy couples who are heading out in the limousine to celebrate that special day in February together. The bottomless mimosa and Bloody Mary bar is beyond a perk for our travelers who enjoy a little alcohol with their food, or a little food with their alcohol! While the special occasion brunches are a delight, this is a beautiful place to visit any day of the week for a fabulous meal and great service. Very highly recommended.

Quinn's Grill & Bar

2092 State Rte 45
Located in the Denmark area and reachable by telephone at 440.275.5151, Quinn's Grill & Bar is a moderately priced American bar and restaurant where you can really enjoy yourself when traveling around here with Cleveland Limousine. It's very simple and laid back here, just the way that you like it. They've got excellent soups here, including the beef and vegetable, which is our personal favorite. The salad bar is as fresh as you could ever want it to be, absolutely packed with lots of delish options for you to choose from. There's a ton of space here for your larger Cleveland Limousine groups and they even offer very nice outdoor seating. We like the fact that they heat the place with a pellet stove. Definitely a unique touch. They do breakfast all day here, by the way, which is a major perk for most Cleveland Limousine customers! Soup and salad bar is unlimited for less than six bucks. Nice!

Bascule Bridge Grille

1006 Bridge St
Located in the Denmark area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.0301, Bascule Bridge Grille is a definite highlight for our Cleveland Limousine partygoers who are traveling in this area. It's a more expensive option, being a beautiful wine bar with a very impressive selection of both food and drink, and it's well worth every penny as far as we're concerned. The mussels are one of our favorite things to indulge in on the menu and we absolutely adore the arugula salad. One of the signature dishes here is the duck and that's something that would definitely make our list of top recommendations. We also love the monkfish with basmati rice and we can't get enough of the vanilla bean creme brulee. The bar area is the prime place to sit due to the fact that it features an absolutely beautiful view via the windows. Just a gorgeous place to dine and drink.

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