Cleveland Limousine (Dorset)

The Galley

71 N Chestnut St
Located in the Dorset area and reachable by telephone at 440.576.0427, The Galley happens to be one of Cleveland Limousine's customers' favorite places to dine and drink when they find themselves in this area with us. It's super friendly here, both in terms of the service and of the people who gather there. The small town/hometown atmosphere is something that surely contributes to that. Limo customers love the juxtaposition of their ultra modern vehicles and the old fashioned vibe here. Newly remodeled, it's still fresher and more "today" than what it was previously. Super low prices and yet some of the very best food in town. The juke box is well stocked and they also have a live DJ on some nights which is a blast! Lots of fun to be had here no matter what day or night of the week you choose to come in. One of the best in Dorset!

Quinn's Grill & Bar

2092 State Rte 45
Located in the Dorset area and reachable by telephone at 440.275.5151, Cleveland Limousine has recommended Quinn's Grill & Bar a time or two, largely for their yummy soups of the day and nice prices overall for everything on the menu. The squash ravioli is a really standout item on the menu and we're in love with the chicken with olives and artichokes. The seafood options are also very good here and nothing is ever too expensive or too rich to be enjoyable. They've got three separate dining areas here... a quieter dining area, a nice bar area with lively music and service, and an outdoor seating area where you can really enjoy that summer breeze. The free desserts aren't all that enticing, like jello or pudding, but hey, they are free! We very highly recommend the salad bar and you can get an all-you-can-eat deal for under six dollars! Love it!

Coffee Creek Estate Restaurant

1591 State Rte 45
Located in the Dorset area and reachable by telephone at 440.275.5039, Coffee Creek Estate offers up a lovely restaurant on their premises that is well worth visiting when you're there with Cleveland Limousine for the tour. The special brunches on the holidays are what they are best known for. We're apt to praise their Valentine's Day dinners as well as their Mother's Day brunches. To be honest, any excuse for bottomless bloody marys and mimosas, right? You will surely have a blast here no matter who you are drinking and dining with. Lovely atmosphere, always clean and sparkling, and with some of the best service in town, how could we not recommend this one to you? We'd be hard pressed to find a better spot in the Dorset area for your limo travels. Did we mention how strong and cheap the drinks are? Enough said. This is a must-visit.

Scooter's by the Lake

6669 State Rte 85
Located in the Dorset area and reachable by telephone at 440.293.5551, this bar and barbecue restaurant is a must-visit for our Cleveland Limousine travelers who appreciate a moderately priced establishment like this one. The location right on the water is a major perk and you will love coming out on wing night to nosh on those deliciously spicy delicacies! That takes place on Thursdays and Sundays only, and you are not able to obtain wings here on any other night. Due to that, they're in high demand on those nights, so don't be surprised if there's a bit of a long wait for them. Settle in with a drink and just know that they are worth every bit of that wait time. There are televisions here for the sports fans and a very nice outdoor seating area as well. Of course this one's a full bar so you're unlimited in your drink selection. Scooter's is very highly recommended to you!


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