Cleveland Limousine (Edgewood)

Crow's Nest

1257 Harmon Rd
Located in the Edgewood area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.9930, Crow's Nest has been a classic choice for our Cleveland Limousine customers for quite a while now. This is a traditional American bar and restaurant that manages to get everything right in all the important areas. It starts with incredible service and is only made better by the wonderful ambiance and atmosphere. It's clear that the folks who work here really put in the effort to make it a wonderful experience for you, and that's why we are so apt to recommend this place. You'll definitely want to dive into their deluxe veggie pizzas, which are so flavorful and such high quality too. The open face meatball sandwiches are also just amazing, and we highly recommend them for either lunch or dinner. There's of course a full bar here which is a must-have for Cleveland Limousine groups!

Bascule Bridge Grille

1006 Bridge St
Located in the Edgewood area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.0301, you cannot go wrong with a visit to Bascule Bridge Grille when you are out and about with Cleveland Limousine! The convenient location among all the shops of Bridge Street only makes this one even more of a limo trip essential. This place is a little pricier than most other places around here but that's because it's an upscale wine bar and you get that much more of a beautiful night than you do elsewhere! They have added a new menu in recent days and we think you will be beyond impressed with everything that is on it. The seafood dishes are always a top choice here and we cannot resist their veal. You'll love kicking back with your good friends and enjoying a glass or two of the finest wines in town. You'll feel like you're really treating yourself to something special, and what better for a Cleveland Limousine trip?

Rennick Meat Market

1104 Bridge St
Located in the Edgewood area, Rennick Meat Market is rumored to be one of the very best restaurants in the Cleveland Limousine service area. The ambiance is lovely, very comfortable and charming, and the prices are all in the moderate range so you can afford to feed your whole limousine group without having to empty out that wallet too much. There's a ton of room for groups and a full bar too, and the menu is just filled with amazing choices. The pork chops are really the essential and a very close second is the hanger steak. The trout and other seafood choices are always good and we can't say enough about how tasty and juicy their hamburgers are. When you are traveling with Cleveland Limousine, this is a great place to go because there's really something for everyone in your group, no matter how large. Just wonderful! One of the best.

Briquette's Smokehouse

1033 & 1035 Bridge St
Located in the Edgewood area and reachable by telephone at 440.964.2273, Briquette's Smokehouse is an essential choice for the barbecue lovers that hit the road with Cleveland Limousine in and around Ashtabula and Edgewood. While this is a haven for craft brews, most of them are in bottles rather than on tap. As long as you don't mind that, it's all good! The selection is fantastic and we can say that of the food as much as we can of the beer. Our top recommendation is the buffalo chicken dip here. That is the number one starter on the menu as far as we're concerned, and you'll love it so much that you'll be trying to decipher the recipe just by taste while you're noshing! It's really that good. All of the sandwiches are excellent here too and very highly recommended. Some of the best service in town and wonderful ambiance too. Love it here!


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