Cleveland Limousine (Elyria)

Wolfey's Bistro & Pub

1069 E Broad St
Located in the Elyria area and reachable by telephone at 440.365.9002, this is a fresh and new feeling bistro and pub where you can really relax with all of your good Cleveland Limousine buddies for all your celebrations, big and small. They have recently put in an outdoor patio complete with a full bar, and that's a perk that is sure to put a smile on your lips! The food is not an afterthought here... in fact, it's the star of the whole shebang! The thin crust flatbread is one of our personal favorites and we've been known to nosh on their amazing burgers with fried eggs on top! The beer selection is quite large and impressive, both on tap and in bottles. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best nights to come in. Happy hour too!

Midway Oh-Boy Restaurant

6620 Lake Ave
Located in the Elyria area and reachable by telephone at 440.324.3711, this is a sandwich stop that is highly recommended either for lunch or dinner during your Cleveland Limousine outings in this area. You'll definitely enjoy the old school feel here, including old fashioned tables and booths with formica tops, jukeboxes right at the table, and even that old fashioned long bar that is just essential at a place like this. Sometimes the service does not stack up with the decor at these types of spots, but it does here. It's truly like stepping back in time. The milkshakes and desserts are absolutely irresistible and we love the fact that they serve Mama Joe's pies here. Note that they're not open late here, just until 8 most nights and until 9 on Fri-Sat!

McCrann's Pub & Grill

2500 N Ridge Rd
Located in the Elyria area and reachable by telephone at 440.277.6274, this is an essential pub stop for our Cleveland Limousine travelers who want a good pint and some yummy food to go along with it. The service here is absolutely noteworthy, very friendly and old fashioned, just as it should be. Karaoke night is an absolute blast and that's one night that we'd very highly recommend that you stop in! The reuben sandwich is one of the greatest things on the menu as far as we're concerned and we're also beyond impressed with the beer selection. Needless to say, a reuben and a beer is really the ideal lunch. Happy hour prices are excellent and the best nights to stop in are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. TVs here too!

El Patron Mexican Grill

629 Chestnut Commons
Located in the Elyria area and reachable by telephone at 440.365.4875, El Patron Mexican Grill is a smart one for your Cleveland Limousine trips around here! We love the Tex-Mex style of this place and the fact that everything is so unbelievably affordable. Great lunch specials and nice a la carte options make ordering for a group a real breeze. Large portions, amazing flavor... what more can we say? The food is truly delish. They even offer outdoor seating here and a full bar! There's more than enough room for even your largest Cleveland Limousine groups and they even accept credit cards despite those low prices. Love it! They even offer two dollar margaritas on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, so hit 'em up early in the week to enjoy those!

44035, 44036

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