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21920 Lakeshore Blvd
Located in the Euclid area and reachable by telephone at 216.731.9463, Paragon Wines + Martinis + Plates is a modern and beautiful place to spend an afternoon or evening with your Cleveland Limousine group. The prices are in the moderate range and the quality is up there where it ought to be. The patio is what really captured our attention here, so beautiful with shady trees and umbrellas at each table. They offer a great array of food including flatbread pizzas and crisp salads, yummy desserts that are really worth saving room for, and a large list of beer and wine to choose from, on top of a full bar! The wood booths feel very rich. The best nights to come in are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Open til 2am every night!

Marta's Restaurant & Bar

800 E 222nd St
Located in the Euclid area and reachable by telephone at 216.731.9596, this Czech restaurant/bar/diner/dive is clearly worth a visit or two when you're in this area with Cleveland Limousine. This is authentic Czech food too, not the Americanized stuff that you may be expecting! Very impressive. The roast duck is one of the highlights and we're in love with the potato pancakes. Excellent chicken paprikas too and we love the pork wienerschnitzel. The vintage 1960s decor is a real plus for us as we can appreciate all things retro, and if you feel the same then that alone makes this place worth checking out! They've got a well-stocked juke box for your needs here, but other than that it's just very quiet and pleasant. Credit cards accepted too!

Pacer's Ribhouse

1080 E 260th St
Located in the Euclid area and reachable by telephone at 216.731.7223, this place is purely designed for those who love barbecue and can't get enough of it! That clearly includes a whole lot of Cleveland Limousine travelers and that's why we thought we'd better include it on this list of Euclid recommendations. We'd say this one is more restaurant than bar, with a heavy focus on the food, and that really shows in the quality and taste. You won't have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy this BBQ goodness though! We like the sports bar feel and the casual ambiance, and the service is always good. We recommend the grandstand, the home fries, and the kentucky pie! TVs for sports, outdoor seating, and nice quiet atmosphere.

Beach Club Bistro

21939 Lake Shore Blvd
Located in the Euclid area and reachable by telephone at 216.731.7499, this is one of the cozier spots on Cleveland Limousine's list of recommendations for this area, and we think you'll really love it. They're known for their pizza and other casual dining items, but there are more exciting things on the menu if you ask us, including the pork belly BLT with tempura green beans! Delish! The salads are also particularly crisp, fresh, and delicious, and highly recommended by us. The Edgecliff club is one of our favorite vegetarian items on the menu and we're in love with the vegetarian Brookwood club, and we'd also recommend the Henn Mansion barbecued chicken that we cannot get enough of! Great for groups. TVs too!

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