Cleveland Limousine (Geneva)

Chops Grille & Tap House

1752 S Broadway
Located in the Geneva area and reachable by telephone at 440.466.4638, Chops Grille & Tap House is by far one of the coolest places to hang out when you're partying with your Cleveland Limousine friends. This is a great bar and restaurant that serves up a charming dining area, a cool sports bar spot, and even an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the summer breeze or soak up some sun. If you're a sports lover, you'll definitely want to hang out in the bar area and enjoy their ample amount of televisions and the spacious bar seating. You'll love the southwest egg rolls here that are freshly made and so tasty. The salads are just superb, especially the one that comes with delectable ahi tuna. The burgers are also so simple and good, and you will be more than pleased with the fabulous beer selection too. More than enough room for groups here. A top recommendation!

The Winery at Spring Hill

6062 S Ridge Rd W
Located in the Geneva area and reachable by telephone at 440.466.0626, The Winery at Spring Hill is an especially ideal choice for our Cleveland Limousine customers who are celebrating something special. The incredible array of wine as well as beer and spirits makes this one a celebratory dream come true. Of course, the main attraction is sampling the wines, and they are known for their unique sample trays. The cheese plates are absolutely wonderful too. You'll enjoy relaxing with that wine and cheese while live bands play their best songs for you. We like the fact that they have wines that are made with fruits other than grapes, just to offer something different and as a great option for those who may be allergic. There are televisions here in case it's a big game night or in case you just want to keep an eye on the headlines. Outdoor seating too!

Eddie's Grill

5377 Lake Rd E
Located in the Geneva area and reachable by telephone at 440.259.8075, Eddie's Grill is a must-visit if you want a very affordable experience that's also high quality and cool. This is the ultimate old fashioned diner in the Geneva area, offering up some of the tastiest foot longs with chili and cheese, amazing horseradish sausages, and even the yummiest fries in town. The root beer is fresh brewed on the premises and you can even get delicious root beer floats that will really quench your thirst and satisfy your ice cream cravings at the very same time. Don't overlook the cheeseburgers here either, they are fantastic! The convenient location of this place, right on the main strip, a.k.a. the center, is a major plus. We'd most recommend this one at lunch time, but it's great any hour of the day. Love the outdoor seating. No alcohol here unfortunately!

C Tavern

11 S Ridge Rd
Located in the Geneva area and reachable by telephone at 440.361.4135, C Tavern is another cool bar burger type of spot where Cleveland Limousine customers really feel right at home. We love the fact that they make everything from scratch here, really making a big impression on your tastebuds and making it so worthwhile for you to return time and time again. They even make their own ketchup here, so it goes to show the kind of homemade quality that you receive on every level. They have incredible pulled pork here which we love, and the hamburgers on the pretzel buns are very highly recommended as well. The local wines that they offer here are a very nice touch and something that all of our Cleveland Limousine customers mention when they are on their way out after a delectable meal. Very highly recommended for your upcoming trip!

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